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Kuvatud on postitused sildiga traveling. Kuva kõik postitused

neljapäev, 7. mai 2015

Traveling to Chelyabinsk, part 1

This is all what I expierence in traveling to Russian city Chelyabinsk. Giving some hints and info what is good to know before you also want to go to there.



There is no many direct flight to Chelyabins from any Europe city, you can choose flight by stopover in Saint Petersburg or Moscow. Choose some Russian company, you get into the swing of the culture.




Better is to choose more expensive ones - I recommend Hotel Vidgof. Locateted not in city center but near big roads. New and beatiful interior, nice and comportoble services. Good views from hotel windows. Usually you will find in any situation somebody who can talk english also. Breakfest is included in price. They offer also transfer service from and to airport. Use it! Yes this pay you more than other options but is the less stressful.



There is also taxis and they seems to be cheaper when transfer service but not recommend to choose those, hard to get and other problems. You can call to taxi company and order taxi but there is high risk that you get any even when they said something else. I had funny situation very beginning of arriving to city, I found taxi from airport, there is also strange system, they ask where you want to drive, tell you price, no taximeters. Next taxi driver opened trunk, but somebodys case was already taken most of the space, my case landed in back seat of car. When we arrived to hotel I didn't have exact ammount money and driver also didn't have enough to give me back - so my bill was bigger than he said at the beginning of trip, he wasn't very eagger to talk in english also not and what he talk wasn't russian language also not. Taxi was dirty. Driving maners were strange ones, one moment we drive in 2 line road in 3 lines.

Also you can use car rentals but be sure when you are using online booking that you call before when you are arriving and arrange all by this way also over. Even when the firm is with worldwide background like Hertz. The rules are western but behavior is eastern. You pay advance for rent and warranty. But there is possibilites that they don't fullfill their promises but you must do that - remember you have also paid warranty money what you can't get back when you are violationg rules.

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